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94C DusterDrive Clutch

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Comet 94C Duster Drive Clutch

  • Installation is simple. In most cases all you have to do is remove your old clutch, take the Duster from its carton and place it on the crankshaft, install the belt, torque the retaining bolt down and you’re ready to go. Even if you need to set the Duster up for a belt width other than the standard, it is quite simple to add the necessary spacers in the 30mm bore model to accommodate 1-5/16”, 1-3/8”, 1-7/16” or 1-1/2” belts. The Duster is compatible with a wide range of driven units, adding to the ease of installation. And there is a Duster for nearly everyone regardless of crankshaft size
  • Maintenance is never a problem because there are fewer moving parts and NO severe friction areas within the 94C assembly. Lubrication is handled by the use of a special, self-lubricating bearing made of woven Teflon Fibers bonded to a steel backing for exceptional endurance. Once the Duster has been installed into the machine, you just let it perform
  • There’s a Duster for everybody’s sled, and a lot of other applications too! The Duster concept is available for all snowmobiles and other applications using belt drive systems such as ATV’s big 3-wheelers, special bikes and even small automobiles
  • Calibration is easy. Calibrating the 94C Duster is a simple matter of adding or taking away from the activator puck make-up and using the option of different pucks and compression springs. By changing puck arrangements and/or springs, anyone can quickly calibrate the Duster to his own personal requirements of clutch engagement and performance. The 94C Duster is standard equipped with six pucks and a tension spring selected to give most users the engagement they need “right out of the box.”
  • Fewer moving parts play a big part in the Duster’s simplicity. Pins, rollers, arms, etc. have been eliminated. In fact, the standard 94 Duster has only fourteen parts for the complete assembly and six of these are the activator pucks. Fewer parts means less wear and less chance of something going wrong.
  • Fewer parts, precisely made with perfect compatibility to one another makes the Duster the finest “everyday” clutch known yet for snowmobiles and ATV’s!
  • The DUSTER outperforms clutches costing twice as much.
  • The DUSTER is simple... simple in construction, simple to install, simple to calibrate!
  • The DUSTER doesn’t require constant maintenance...put it on and forget it's there.